Abuse of Older Adults Awareness

Working in partnership with a Management team of a UPEI Faculty Member, the Seniors Policy Advisor and the Family Violence Prevention & Community Development Coordinator from Community Services, Seniors and Labour, an eleven member Advisory Committee, and linkages with seniors and their groups, this project will create a new provincial network to transfer knowledge, share resources, facilitate collaborate work, and raise awareness of the abuse of older adults on PEI. The project will also increase the communities’ capacity to identify and address abuse issues with the creation of an asset map and gap analysis and a senior’s focused Seniors-to-Seniors Awareness Program.

Through a consultative and engagement model (including an asset map and gaps analysis, focus groups, regional meetings, provincial forums, and a qualitative and quantitative evaluation feedback process), this project will raise the awareness and collaborative practice of people working on abuse of older adult issues on PEI culminating in annual Provincial Forums for knowledge transfer and provincial planning. Awareness will be raised by direct contact with seniors and those community members in direct contact with seniors.

Through the development and implementation of the provincial network and the provincial multidisciplinary forum, the PEI project will encompass the entire province. Seniors and their groups from across PEI will be engaged in various aspects of the project planning, implementation, and dissemination.

This project will facilitate the creation of an environment for increased awareness, knowledge and resource sharing, and resources identification that will reduce the abuse occurring in the province.

The network will be designed and supported to broadly share the project information in addition to the dissemination of information that will occur through the extended networks of participants.

Success of the project will be measured through a qualitative and quantitative evaluation process that will be used to inform the progress of the project as well as measure the impact of final outputs and outcomes.

For more about the project, please read the Provincial Forum about Abuse of Older Adults on PEI.