Welcome to our collection of photos and testimonials from current BEd students and alumni. We will add to these collections as we get more volunteers to share their experiences and stories. Enjoy!

Here is what one of our current second year students has to say about our BEd program:

“My mom had always said I would make an excellent teacher and I fought her on it for a while, but the more I thought about it and worked with children and teenagers, the more I liked the thought of it. I realized that there was something I fundamentally enjoyed about informing people of, and teaching to, my passions, and that I also thoroughly enjoyed overseeing young people develop their creativity and senses of identity.

UPEI is one of the most forward-thinking universities in Canada offering a BEd in the sense that they recognize how clogged the current Canadian marketplace is for teachers and in turn offer International, Indigenous, ARTSmarts, and Adult Ed specializations. I initially came to UPEI for the sheer volume of options offered by the International specialization for practice teaching abroad, but eventually chose on doing an Indigenous specialization based on the experiential learning opportunities its courses offer and the fact I could still to an international practicum with it. Add to that the fact that I get to live in a place as beautiful as PEI, UPEI is a no-brainer.”

– Robin Kooymans from Saskatchewan


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