Quiz Week 1: Building Categories in Your Question Bank

Maybe you’ve decided you want to do some of your assessments online, or maybe you’re feeling a bit of the Winter Woes to push assessment online to make up for a few lost days. If that’s the case, this is the week for you.

As promised, we’re going to take you through all of the steps to get your quiz from .doc to done.

Before we even begin to write our questions, we’re going to set up some categories in Moodle. These categories let us group questions together. You should consider using these categories to prepare for the future as you can use the same category for different quizzes, such as pulling questions from early quizzes into a midterm, or building a question bank over time. So as an example, I might call a category: “Quiz 1: Multiple Choice Questions”, “Quiz 1: Essay Questions”, etc.

Another way you can set up categories is if you want to define categories on topics and use a number of questions from each individual categories you’ll want to set categories up by topic such as “Deleuze – Essay Questions”. This might be a better method if you want to build your question bank, or think you may rearrange the order of your course.

To set up a category in Moodle, open your course page and find the Administration block on the left side of your screen. One of the options near the bottom of the block will be the Question Bank dropdown. Expand the list and select Categories from that list.

Slide 1

After you’ve selected Categories you can begin to create your categories. On this page you might notice that there are some existing categories that come with your course, but the category we’ll look at is Default for (Your Course Name). We’ll put any categories that we make into this overall category. At the bottom of this page is the section that will let us make our new categories.

Slide 2

In this example I’m going to create a category called Quiz 1: Multiple Choice, and I’ve included a few notes for myself in the Category Info. In my example I’ve named my category ‘Blank Course: Quiz One Multiple Choice’, and I’ve added the description that the questions for this category relate specifically to chapters 1-5 from my course text.

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Once you have your categories set up, check out Quiz Week part 2 to get going on your questions!

If you have any questions about setting up your categories in a way that will work best for you, please contact us at moodle@upei.ca