Quiz Week Part 3: Making a Deposit to the Question Bank

Yesterday we built the documents with our questions, but right now those questions are on our computer, they’re not in our Moodle Question bank. Today, we’re going to change that.

Now it’s time to go back to our Moodle course page. In our course page, we’re going to go back to our Administration Block and expand the Question Bank dropdown list and then select Import.

Slide 7

In the Format section, we want to select GIFT format. This is the type of format we’ve made our questions with, so we need to let Moodle know that. Next we expand the General section, this will give us the option to import our questions into a category that we’ve already set up. In my example I’ve decided to import my questions to my Quiz One: Multiple Choice category. After we’ve selected the category, we’re going to add our questions. You can click Choose a file… if you want to search your computer for your document. If you already know where it is, you can Drag and Drop it into the import section. Once your file is loaded, select Import.

Slide 1

Now you should see all the questions you’re uploading separated and numbered. Slide 9Here both of the questions that I’ve uploaded are separated, so I’m ready to import. If you’re missing a question or all your questions are combined go back to your question document and check for missing {‘s and }’s, and make sure there are no spaces at the end of your questions or answers. If your questions are appearing correctly, select Continue.

Once your questions are imported, you will see them separated and you can edit them individually if you’d like. This can be useful if you do not want to shuffle the answers in a question, such as if you have a question that includes answers like “All of the above”.

Slide 10

Once you have your questions imported into your category and changed any settings you need on individual questions, it’s time to make the Quiz activity that will hold these questions, we’ll cover that tomorrow!

If you have any questions about adding questions to your question bank, contact us at moodle@upei.ca