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Welcome to the myUPEI Frequently Asked Questions page!

On this page, we hope that you will find the answers to any questions you may have regarding the transition from Campus Login to myUPEI.

Over time, as questions arise, more information will be added to this page to help you better navigate and use myUPEI and its services. 

On Monday, February 27 in the W.A. Murphy Student Centre from 12:00–1:00 pm there will be myUPEI learning stations, free swag, and refreshments! We hope you’ll join us to learn more about this exciting transition!


The Project Beacon Team

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Who will be impacted by this transition?

Everyone that currently uses the UPEI Campus Login and its online services will be impacted.

What will this transition accomplish?

The UPEI Campus Login and the services that it provides will transition to a new online portal called myUPEI.

Why is the University phasing out Campus Login and introducing myUPEI?

This transition will implement a modern, integrated administrative software system containing student, financial, and human resources information. Ultimately, it will improve online services provided at UPEI.

What types of online services will I have access to via myUPEI?

Your status (student, staff, faculty) at UPEI will determine the service to which you have access. Over time, more and more functions will transition from Campus Login to myUPEI, bringing improvements to online services such as:

  • Scheduling your personal course timetable
  • Registering for your courses
  • Accessing your student financial account
  • Reading your degree audit and tracking your progress
  • Requesting your transcript
  • Reviewing your for scholarships and awards
  • Submitting grades for students
  • Accessing payslip display
  • Reserving rooms and space on campus
  • Accessing Moodle for online learning

How will this transition impact me?

MyUPEI will be used to prepare for the upcoming May 2017 (first summer session) semester while Campus Login will remain in place for the current January 2017 semester. Over time, more and more functions will transition from Campus Login to myUPEI, bringing improvements to online services. 

How can I login to myUPEI?

On February 6, you will simply use your UPEI email address and email password to login to myUPEI and access the services it will provide.

When will this transition occur?

The transition will begin Monday, February 6, 2017, and will occur over a three-month period. Important dates to be aware of for specific services include:

o Feb 6 –  Access to myUPEI will be granted to all students, staff, and faculty.

o Feb 6 – Student financial accounts will transition to myUPEI.

o Feb 28 – Student planning and scheduling for the upcoming semester will transition to myUPEI.

Why have the course codes changed from three to four digits?

This change will expand the number of course codes UPEI has at its disposal. The change will result in a zero being added to the end of current course codes.

For example, “UPEI 101” will change to “UPEI 1010”.

Where do I see my account activity prior to my February 6, 2017 balance?

With the transition to myUPEI, account balances were transferred over from Campus Login into myUPEI as one amount. Moving forward, your Account Activity will reflect any charges or payments made in detail. To view the details behind your February 6 balance, you will need to log into Campus Login to view those details.

Need further assistance with myUPEI?

Please submit a ticket through our online help form. If you require assistance with submitting a ticket, you can call (902) 388-0168.

Login to myUPEI using your UPEI email address and email password.