Welcome to the AVC Lobster Science Centre


The AVC Lobster Science Centre (AVCLSC) is a research centre within the Atlantic Veterinary College at the University of Prince Edward Island, dedicated to conducting fundamental and applied research in crustacean health. The AVCLSC research is focused on the application of the principles of veterinary medicine to the regional crustacean fisheries (lobster, snow crab and shrimp). Research projects involve the training of highly qualified personnel in graduate studies in all aspects of crustacean health. Potential commercial applications include development of therapeutants and diagnostic tools. The overall goal of our research focus is towards improving the knowledge on different crustacean species for the sustainability of the crustacean sector of the Canadian seafood industry.

Benefits of the AVC Lobster Science Centre

  • Enhance levels of return to the Canadian lobster and crustacean industries through research on the health of crustaceans in the wild and in handling, holding and transportation facilities;
  • Develop a knowledge base that will lead to innovative methods and technologies which can be transferred to crustacean fisheries (ocean to plate) for better marketing and planning decisions;
  • Provide a research team dedicated to crustacean health; and,
  • Train highly qualified personnel in crustacean health.
  • Enhanced capacity for crustacean health research and development will lead to longer term and more innovative programs for the lobster industry through the AVC Lobster Science Centre.

Knowledge Distribution Feedback

  • AVCLSC website, peer-reviewed research publications;
  • Regional, national and international seminars, workshops and conferences;
  • Face-to-face meetings with fishermen, processors, live shippers;