Current Projects

The lab has a handful of research projects at any given time. We do research on wind and marine renewable energy technologies, often with collaborators. Closer to home, we have projects on renewable energy integration and the PEI energy system.

Advancing Renewable Energy Integration on PEI

This project, with Dr. Andrew Swingler, centers on modelling energy flows in PEI and exploring pathways toward energy system decarbonization. This is a collaborative project co-lead by Matt Hall and Andrew Swingler at the UPEI SSDE. It is in partnership with the PEI Energy Corporation and supported by Mitacs.

Relevant publication: “Initial Perspective on a 100% Renewable Electricity Supply for Prince Edward Island” by Hall and Swingler in IJES

Media coverage: The Guardian, Windpower Engineering, Solar Industry Magazine, NGT News, Journal Pioneer

Graduate student openings are available at the MSc and PhD levels.

Wind Turbine Active Power Control

The Wind Energy Institute of Canada (WEICan), located at North Cape, PEI, can use its 10 MW wind farm for active power control (APC) experiments in which wind farm output is modulated to potentially provide a balancing role to the electricity grid. This NSERC Engage project aims to develop a model of the wind turbine dynamics during these tests in order to increase understanding of how APC affects turbine loads and lifetime.


Shared Mooring Systems for Floating Offshore Wind Farms

We are exploring the potential for cost savings in floating wind farms by using shared mooring system elements.

Recent publication: “Comparison of Pilot-Scale Floating Offshore Wind Farms with Shared Moorings” by Connolly and Hall in Ocean Engineering

Seabed Friction Models for Mooring Analysis

This project looks at developing versatile seabed friction models and integrating them into the open-source MoorDyn mooring dynamics simulator.

Recent publication: “Comparison of Seabed Friction Formulations in a Lumped-Mass Mooring Model” by Devries and Hall presented at IOWTC 2018

Coupled Simulation of Floating Tidal Turbines

We are collaborating on a project with Dynamics Systems Analysis and the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory aimed at creating a new coupled simulation capability for floating tidal turbines.