Graduate Student Opportunities

Funded graduate-level research projects are pending in both energy systems and wind energy (on and offshore).

Renewable energy integration in PEI: This project, in partnership with the PEI Energy Corp. and supported by Mitacs, looks at modelling electric energy flows in PEI and exploring pathways for energy system decarbonization. Renewable energy supply mix, demand response, energy storage, and electric vehicles will be considered in detail. Fully funded MSc positions are available for this project, which is co-lead with Dr. Andrew Swingler. More information can be found here.

Wind, offshore wind, and tidal power research: Wind turbine related topics include dynamics models of turbines on PEI, wave tank testing methods for offshore turbines, and new design ideas for floating wind farms. See the projects page for a sense of some of these projects. At least one MSc position is available. To find out more, contact Matt with a cover letter describing your skills and interests, your CV, and a transcripts PDF if available.

Undergraduate Research Assistant Opportunities

Stay tuned for undergraduate research openings for summer 2019.