"The election is over. Obama wins."

“The polls don’t matter," explains Dr. Bruce Craig. "The conventions don’t matter. The debates don’t matter. All that matters is performance.”

Dr. Craig is a specialist in American presidential history, espionage, and Cold War history. He is leading UPEI's first Research on Tap of the season. His topic: “Why history tells us Obama will win.”

"American University history professor Allan Lictman has written a controversial book called Predicting the Next President," says Dr. Craig. "He cites thirteen historical keys that determine the outcome of a presidential election. According to the keys, the race is over. Obama wins. Simple as that."

Watch as Dr. Craig lays out his central arguments to the UPEI Research Blog. 

Research on Tap returns Tuesday, October 2 at 7 pm in the Pourhouse (above Charlottetown's Old Triangle Irish Alehouse).

Research on Tap is a discussion series led by UPEI researchers. For more information, contact Dave Atkinson at 620-5117 or datkinson@upei.ca