What a W (Web-Only Designated) Course is at UPEI

In order to accommodate shifting user patterns, UPEI is applying standard guidelines for web-based content.

Students accessing their course materials online now frequently use mobile devices, whereas a few years ago most would use desktop or laptop computers. This shift means significant changes and important considerations when posting your materials online.

Later blog posts will explain and detail the ‘shoulds’ and ‘mights’, but for now let’s look at the ‘musts’.

UPEI W designated courses at MUST:

  • Present equal experience to students regardless of physical location.
    • All resources and activities on a course should be accessible through the web.
  • Not use restricted file formats.
    • Students ideally should be able to access all of their course resources on the web. Only in specific contexts should students need to download materials.
  • Contain content that does not violate copyright.
    • At the top of the moodle.upei.ca there is a ‘Copyright Help’ link. Or you can directly access it at: http://library.upei.ca/copyright/faircopying. All materials posted in an online course must follow due diligence.

Further questions, comments, and concerns should be directed to elearning@upei.ca

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