Quiz Week 4: Putting It All Together

We’ve been very productive this week, so far we’ve created categories in our question bankwe’ve written our questions, and we’ve imported them to Moodle. Now it’s time to bring everything together to create a quiz activity.

First we’re going to open your course page and Turn Editing On. In the section where you want to add your quiz, select Add an Activity or Resource, from that list select the Quiz activity.

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Now it’s time to name your assessment and provide a description. I use the description to explain the overall instructions for the assessment such as “Once you begin the quiz you have 15 minutes to complete it. The timer begins when you start the assessment.”

Set the timing or time limit you’d like on your assessment along with any other additional settings you’d prefer to use, such as Activity Completion, the number of allowed attempts, or groups. You can also add this quiz to the correct gradebook category if you are using Moodle Gradebook.

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If you’d like more information on quiz settings, check out this video.

Once you’ve finished adjusting the settings on your quiz, save it by selecting Save and Display. Now it’s time to add questions by selecting Edit Quiz (you can also edit the quiz from the Administration Block).

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To add questions to the quiz, select the category of questions you would like to add to the quiz, in this example I’m drawing my questions from Quiz One: Multiple Choice. I have two questions in the category, but I only want to use one of them, and I want to make it so that not everyone will get the same question, so I’m going to select to add 1 random question and choose to Add to quiz. If I were to want students to write both, I could select 2 random questions instead which would present the questions in a random order.

If I had many questions in this category and wanted a large number of random questions, I have to add the questions in small groups. So for example, if I wanted to add 17 random questions from a category, I cannot select 17 from the dropdown list. Instead, I have to add 10, then after I’ve added those, I add a group of 7.

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If I wanted to ask students a particular question in every version of the quiz, I can add specific questions. To add a specific question, I’ll select the category that question belongs to, find the question in the list, then check the checkbox beside the question I want to add, and then add to quiz.

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We can also add pages. Pages allow students a way to save their progress. When a student switches pages Moodle will save the progress of the student, which can be useful for quizzes that have time limits where open submissions are submitted when time expires. We really recommend putting any short answer or essay questions on their own pages for this reason.

Once all of your questions and pages are set up in the quiz, set your maximum grade.

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Once the grade is set, your quiz is ready! But are you ready for our quiz?

Test yourself on our Quiz Week Quiz! (Note you’ll have to enrol in the course before you can take the quiz)

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If you have any questions about any step in the quiz building process, please contact us at moodle@upei.ca