Happy exams!

Here in the Office of Skills Development and Learning, we love students. So to celebrate our wonderful students at the end of the semester, here are some of our top tips for a successful exam period.


Don’t cram up until the last minute…put your notes away at least an hour before your exam time and do something
fun or relaxing.
– Voilet Vadjina, Career Practitioner

Jason quote

“If the exam covers old material that’s been on quizzes or midterms, instead of reviewing them try re-doing them to help you prepare. Best of luck!”
– Jason Hogan, E-Learning Instructional Designer

Karen quote

“Anxiety is contagious so avoid other students who are overly nervous or negative on exam day. Try to stay relaxed by thinking positive thoughts!”
– Karen Dempsey, Manager,
Career & Adult Learner Services

beth quote“Do your best, but always remember that the grade you get on an exam is not who you are. You are unlimited!”
– Beth Janzen, Administrative Support

megan quote

“Don’t overdo it on coffee! Your brain needs good food to make it through exams. Drink water and eat well!”
– Megan MacKenzie, E-Learning Instructional Designer

ernie quote“Get adequate sleep! Try to stay calm! Read exam questions very very carefully! Tell them everything you know!”
– Ernie Doiron, Co-operative Education Coordinator

kristy quote“Get fresh air! If you’re feeling stressed get outside and go for a walk. This will give you a chance to clear your mind and when you get back to studying you will be ready to focus!”
– Kristy McKinney, E-Learning Multimedia Specialist

jennifer quote“Exams can be a stressful time for everyone so remember to take time out for yourself, relax, and breathe.”
– Jennifer Hogan, Business Development and Education Program Manager

From all of us to you, good luck on your exams and have a wonderful summer!