Gateway Program

Welcome to starting your studies at UPEI on the best foot possible! One of the key differences between high school and university is that your learning and your education is now completely your responsibility.  It is assumed that you are here because you want to be here and that your attendance, focus, and the work you produce will reflect your desire to gain knowledge and learn.

The Gateway Program is a complimentary resource which provides additional support and encouragement available to both new and returning students at UPEI. It helps you to establish strong habits from the start – Time-Management, Organization, Mentoring, Effective Study Strategies, Access to Resources and more! Given the nature of the program, it is mandatory for students entering directly from high school with an academic admission average below 70% (or an International Baccalaureate score below 24), and optional for all other students who are interested in additional supports.


How Do I Get Involved?

Students who are automatically enrolled in the Gateway Program will be contacted via email near the beginning of the Fall Semester to schedule their introductory meeting with the Program Coordinator. Students who are interested in voluntarily participating in one or more of the program components can contact the Program Coordinator directly.

Telephone: 902-566-6001

Program Components

Mentoring: Gateway Students are matched with a student mentor with whom they meet for one (1) hour weekly to discuss and work on coursework, organization, planning, resource support, and anything else relevant to your situation. Together, you will create goals and develop a plan to reach these goals.

Workshops:  Workshops happen five (5) times per semester in a small group setting. These workshops are offered at two unique times during the week to allow for everyone’s schedule. You only need to attend one session for each workshop. Some workshops will be facilitated by the Program Coordinator, while others will involve other on-campus Guest Facilitators. Specific workshop topics and times will be posted on the Gateway Program Web Page.

Coordinator Advising: All Gateway participants have access to, and will meet with the Gateway Program Coordinator near the beginning of their start date, and some will meet at specific additional times during the academic year. During this time we will discuss your overall experience to-date, general progress, discuss your mentoring sessions and needs, and recommend supports that may facilitate your success while in Gateway.