Your NSO Leaders, Point-People and Volunteers

Who Are We?

We are all upper year UPEI students, who volunteer their time to develop relationships with new students, help them discover all the great things UPEI has to offer, and to direct them by acting as mentors throughout NSO and the remainder of the school year.

NSO White Team 2018

What Do We Do?

  • Facilitate NSO Activities!
  • Act as mentors!
  • Answer questions!
  • Bring spirit and energy to NSO!

Why Do We Do It?

  • We love UPE!I
  • We want you to love UPEI!
  • We want to build friendships and connections with you!
  • We had a blast during our NSO and want the same for you!
  • We want you to feel welcome at UPEI!
  • We want to learn and grow as you do!
  • We want to learn more about things we might have missed at UPEI!
  • We want to put to practice our leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills!
  • We want to “beef up” our resume!

 How Can I Join the NSO Team? 


NSO 2021 In-Person Leader Training Schedule

Happening in Duffy Science 135 on Monday August 30th! There will be a pizza dinner and snacks provided!