NSO 2021 Registration

PLEASE NOTE: UPEI NSO is open to current UPEI students-only!

Register for New Student Orientation 2021 HERE!

Why Should a New UPEI Student Sign-Up for NSO?

As an incoming new student at UPEI, you want to ensure the smoothest transition possible so you can adequately jump-start your UPEI journey, and NSO 2021 can guarantee that for you! New Student Orientation will provide you with a variety of opportunities to meet and interact with not only your fellow incoming students, but also, countless faculty, staff and returning upper year students who are here to support you! UPEI’s Office of Recruitment and First Year Advising, as well as the NSO Committee, will prepare a NSO experience that will:

  1. Ensure that you learn all the basics about the different departments, resources and services available to you as a brand new UPEI student.
  2. Provide you with different “tips and tricks” on how to be successful and make the most out of your time here at UPEI. Particularly, from already existing students!
  3. Create a welcoming and friendly environment where you will get to create lasting friendships and connections with other new students, returning upper year students, faculty and staff.
  4. Give you a better understanding of what you can expect from your student experience, as well as a taste of how classes and learning functions at UPEI.
  5. A FUN TIME which will hopefully encourage you to return in future years as a NSO Leader yourself!

Why Should Returning UPEI Students Sign-Up for NSO?

As a returning student, you have the opportunity to become a mentor and guide for our many incoming 1st year students. These students come from all sorts of backgrounds, however, they have the shared quality of having Fall 2021 be their very first semester here at UPEI. The Office of Recruitment and First Year Advising here at UPEI, as well as the NSO Committee, would be more than happy to welcome you as one of several volunteers who can help ensure this year’s NSO is up to par with years past. Volunteering for New Student Orientation provides you with the following:

  1. It provides you with an opportunity to enhance your resume not only with experience, but also, with a potential reference in the form of the NSO Coordinator!
  2. It allows you to become more involved and familiar with everything UPEI. This is valuable in itself, but also, several work positions here at UPEI look for students who have a well-rounded knowledge of campus during the hiring procedure!
  3. It provides you with an opportunity to practice several key skills for any emerging adult: teamwork, leadership, interpersonal relationships, good communications, etc.
  4. Finally and, most importantly, it allows you to create lasting friendships, connections, and relationships with folks who may become key players in your UPEI journey.
  5. A FUN TIME!

Register for New Student Orientation 2021 HERE!

Once you have finished your registration form, keep an eye on your UPEI email for more information from your NSO Coordinator! Also, do not forget to join our Facebook Group “UPEI NSO 2021” and to follow us on Instagram @upei_nso to remain updated on everything NSO!