Parents of Students

Congratulations to your student — we’re excited for them to join the UPEI community!

You have played an important role in supporting your student as they’ve grown and changed over the years. As they enter university, the support they need from you will grow and change as well. UPEI recognizes that you play an important role in continuing to support students, and in turn we want to support you. Below, you will find a list of some ways we hope to engage with you during New Student Orientation (NSO), as well as important information for you during the school year.

More information for 2020 to come.

NSO Website – The UPEI NSO 2020 website will act as a list with resources and programming that students and parents can access during New Student Orientation 2020.

Please note that more parent information will be added once our schedule is finalized.

Additional Information

Purchase Parking Passes – Click link for more information.

Campus Map – Click link for more information.

Add Money to the Campus Card – Parents can also add money to a student’s campus card. This can be used for purchasing food and drink on campus, shopping in the Bookstore, printing needs in the Robertson library and more!

UPEI Parent Website contains a list of resources which parents can use to support their students during the academic year, including information on talking with your student, university language, student privacy and information and more! You can also contact for more information.

Student Affairs, and many others on campus, are here for your students. While we make every effort to reach out, please encourage them to also reach out to us if they are struggling, and to reach out early. UPEI offers many support services and extra-curricular opportunities. These resources and opportunities can be just as important to student success as time spent in the classroom or lab. Please encourage your student to engage in these opportunities while finding a balance in academics, student life, and sleep!

If unsure how to get involved, start with Student Affairs! – OR 902-566-0488