Registration for New Students

NOTE: This section applies to new incoming students, in other words, this will be your first semester ever at UPEI!

Register for New Student Orientation 2021 HERE!

Why Should a New UPEI Student Sign-Up for NSO?

As an incoming new student at UPEI, you want to ensure the smoothest transition possible so you can adequately jump-start your UPEI journey, and NSO 2021 can guarantee that for you! New Student Orientation will provide you with a variety of opportunities to meet and interact with not only your fellow incoming students, but also, countless faculty, staff and returning upper year students who are here to support you! UPEI’s Office of Recruitment and First Year Advising, as well as the NSO Committee, will prepare a NSO experience that will:

  1. Ensure that you learn all the basics about the different departments, resources and services available to you as a brand new UPEI student.
  2. Provide you with different “tips and tricks” on how to be successful and make the most out of your time here at UPEI. Particularly, from already existing students!
  3. Create a welcoming and friendly environment where you will get to create lasting friendships and connections with other new students, returning upper year students, faculty and staff.
  4. Give you a better understanding of what you can expect from your student experience, as well as a taste of how classes and learning functions at UPEI.
  5. A FUN TIME which will hopefully encourage you to return in future years as a NSO Leader yourself!
Kick-Off is a NSO Staple and Tradition

Register for New Student Orientation 2021 HERE!