University Tips and Advice

The first few years on campus can be a time of rapid transition and new experiences.
This can be both an exciting and challenging time. You may breeze through this
period of your life or you may struggle a bit. At times you may need some information
to help you successfully solve the problems you encounter and perhaps help others
who need your assistance. This is normal and expected as you transition from one
part of your life to another. TeenMentalHealth.Org created this resource as a way to help you and your peers address some important things about this transition point in your life.
Click here for a free digital copy of ‘Transitions: Making the most of your campus experience.” Feel free to read it cover to cover if you wish, or simply use the Table of Contents to find out specific information on items such as Academics, Health, Living, Identity, Community, Relationships, Money and more!
Note – This content is owned and created by TeenMentalHealth.Org. The information and advice are applicable to most students entering the post-secondary environment, not just those specific to UPEI.