The ORD Blog: smaller than a press release, bigger than a breadbox

Welcome to the new website and blog from the Office of Research and Development at UPEI.  Not only is it a little easier to look at, a little easier to find information on, but it also comes complete with a picture of a breadbox.  I'd say that's progress.

 This blog (the one you're reading right now) is maintained by the ORD's new Research Communications Officer:  Dave Atkinson.  After the jump, I'll explain the new functions of the ORD site, how they work, and where to find all the stuff that was here before (hint:  it's still here).

 Bigger than a breadbox, smaller than a press release:  the ORD Blog will be a place to read about the people, stories and ideas involved in research at UPEI.   I will write profiles on our researchers, their projects, and tell you about some of the students involved with them all.  Every week or so, we'll go a little deeper into a specific story with a podcast.

You'll also notice a link on the main page to something called the Research Milieu.  That will bring you to blog posts written specifically for the research  community.  And yes, we've created two separate feeds so you can subscribe to them both.

We're also pushing our researchers more into the spotlight.  You'll notice a link over to the right entitled: Researchers.  Search by name, department, or area of research.  If you don't find who you're looking for, give me a call at (902) 620-5117.  You can also write me an e-mail.

The ORD page has always existed as a resource for our researchers, with information about grants, funding opportunities, awards, ethics, policy, etc.  Don't worry; all that information is still here.  Contact our staff if you need assistance.

You can also follow us on Twitter.  

Researchers, meet world.  World, meet researchers.  I think you're going to like each other.