UPEI researchers in the news, part eight

After the jump, a couple of high-profile stories about two UPEI researchers in the latest issue of Progress Magazine and great coverage and reception for ORD’s Research on Tap.


Just before Christmas, Progress Magazine profiled two UPEI researchers as part of its special report on innovation in Atlantic Canada. In “Extra bacteria, hold the coral,” writer Allison Lawlor tells the story of Dr. Russell Kerr, UPEI’s Canada Research Chair in Marine Natural Products, and winner of the Premier’s Medal for Innovation. Kerr’s research involves the discovery and production of anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agents from sea coral.

Dr. Russell KerrDr. Russell Kerr

Writes Lawlor, “His work is being heralded by academics and garnering the attention of pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies throughout North America. ‘Right now the market is limited because there’s only so much coral you can collect from the sea,’ says Kerr. ‘By fermenting the bacterium that produces these compounds, the supply is endless.’”

Read the whole article here.

Dr. Greg KeefeDr. Greg Keefe

In the same issue, Lawlor also profiles Dr. Greg Keefe, one of two of AVC’s Innovation PEI Industry Research Chairs, and director of Maritime Quality Milk. Keefe has developed an inexpensive, easy-to-use kit to help dairy farmers decide whether or not to treat cases of bovine mastitis with antibiotics, or to let the cow’s immune system take care of the infection on its own.

“Last year Keefe and his research team sent kits to 54 farms across Canada. The farmers used the kits for one year to determine whether or not to treat their infected cows. The data the farmers returned to Keefe and his team is now being analyzed.  ‘We’re seeing a decrease in antibiotic use of about 40%,’ says Keefe.”

Read the article, “Got Milk!”, here.

In advance of ORD’s latest Research on Tap, Dr. Ed MacDonald appeared on CBC Radio’s Information Morning. MacDonald held a public discussion at Mavor’s in the Confederation Centre of the Arts about the history of tourism on PEI. Dr. Katherine Schultz, UPEI’s Vice-President of Research and Development, was a guest on CBC Television’s Compass, explaining the idea behind Research on Tap.

For more information about next month’s Research on Tap, visit here

(Top photo:  Dr. Ed MacDonald discusses the history of tourism on PEI at Research on Tap)