Revenge, forgiveness, and a female to male ratio of 7:1

 The ORD hosted another successful Research on Tap this week at Mavor's in the Confederation Centre of the Arts. More than 50 people packed the bar for a lively discussion about revenge and forgiveness.

Dr. Stacey MacKinnon, Assistant Professor of Social Psychology, led the discussion, in which she prodded the crowd to come up with a definition of forgiveness: a much more difficult task than most thought. Some believe it's a single act that happens after much soul-searching and acceptance, while others see it as a process that only starts with "I forgive you" – at which point the forgiver tries to live up to the words. People also discussed whether forgiveness is the same for an individual as it is for a large group, such as descendants of mass atrocities.
Be sure to check back to learn more about March's Research on Tap, featuring Dr. Michael Shaver, Assistant Professor of Chemistry. His discussion will be called "Good Plastics: why chemists have a bad name, and what we're doing to change it."
And the 7:1 ratio? No joke. Most of the males in attendance were dates and spouses. We'll see if we can draw more men next month with the lure of science.