Batteries, and ladybugs, and green crabs — oh, my!

Better put on your thinking cap, Toto. Graduate Science Research Day at UPEI is this coming Tuesday, April 6, at the K. C. Irving Chemistry Centre.

The day starts at 9 a.m. in KCI 104 (full schedule and abstracts found here) with welcomes from the Dean of Science and Assistant Vice-President of Graduate Studies. Dr. John VanLeeuwen, Professor of Epidemiology and Ruminant Health Management at the Atlantic Veterinary College, then shares insights from his research and observations in both Canada and Kenya in his keynote address: “Epidemiological investigations: finding answers to real-world health questions close and not so close to home.”

At 10:30, our graduate students in science take over with a full slate of diverse presentations. Topics include the native and invasive species of ladybird beetles in the Maritimes, the effects of cranberry extracts on human prostate cancer cells, the role of rechargeable Lithium batteries as a green technology, and many others.

UPEI Graduate Research Days 2010 continue over the next two months. Check back with the ORD Blog for details. Meantime, here’s the schedule and location for upcoming Graduate Research Days.

Faculty/Department       Date                      Location

Science                            April 6                   Rooms 104 & 128, KC Irving
Education                         April 14                 Don and Marion McDougall Hall
MAHSR                            April 14                 Don and Marion McDougall Hall
AVC                                 May 13-14           AVC Lecture Theatre A

Graduate Research
 Recognition Day              May 18                 Don and Marion McDougall Hall 

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