Welcome to number one

UPEI led the country in the last decade in both research income growth and research intensity growth, according to a new report by Re$earch Infosource. Research at UPEI now permeates every corner of campus. It brings the energy of new discovery into every classroom. 

The report, which included a special look back on the past decade of research, named UPEI the top university in Research Income Growth from 1999 to 2009 and for Research Intensity Growth over the same period. Both awards are in the category for primarily undergraduate universities, but UPEI’s increase in both income growth and intensity growth is higher than any other university in the country.

“This is exciting news, and something that I think is apparent to anyone who spends time with us at UPEI,” says Dr. Katherine Schultz, UPEI’s Vice President of Research and Development. “The last ten years have seen tremendous growth in research activity. You can find students, staff, and faculty involved in research in every corner of campus. We’re proud of this distinction, but more proud of what it reflects: focused excellence in research.”

In the decade beginning in 1999, research income grew from just under $3 million, to nearly $16 million—an increase of more than 430 per cent. Research Intensity, which measures growth in income, full-time faculty, and overall research intensity, was up more than 320 per cent over the same time period.

“This growth is not an accident,” says Wade MacLauchlan, President of UPEI. “It is the result of focused effort and talent, and of many positive relationships.  Moreover, it means that UPEI and its supportive community have a growing national and international reputation for research excellence and leadership.  This is an exciting time to be involved in research or to be a student at UPEI and the Atlantic Veterinary College.”

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