The ORD becomes Research Services

 Effective today, the University of Prince Edward Island’s Office of Research Development has a new name. Dr. Katherine Schultz, Vice-President of Research and Development, is proud to reintroduce her office as Research Services.

“The name ‘Office of Research Development’ stretches back more than thirty years at UPEI,” said Dr. Schultz. “When the office opened, its name was unique in Canada, and its presence showed a real vision for a future when research would spring from every corner of the campus.”

Funding for the university’s first research officer was allocated by the provincial government in 1980, and the first officer was hired the next year. The Office of Research Development continued as a one-person office until 1984, when it closed briefly before being reopened in 1986.

Research growth after 1986 was impressive; the university celebrated more than two-million dollars in annual funded research in the early 1990s. The first Vice-President of Research and Development, Dr. Katherine Schultz, was appointed in 2001.

“We’re proud of the history of the Office of Research Development,” said Dr. Schultz, but given UPEI’s growth and the range of support the office provides to researchers, the name ‘Research Services’ betters reflects the work of the office.”

Annual funding for research at UPEI is now over $18-million in grants and contracts. The staff of Research Services currently works with more than $55-million in active research accounts.

For out more about how Research Services can support your efforts, visit our Where to Start page, or direct any of your questions to our staff.



Dave Atkinson
Research Communications Officer