Save a tree. Use our new fillable PDF forms.

It’s not every day that you can get excited about forms. Get ready. Today is that day.

The staff of Research Services, formerly ORD, knows about forms. We know about compliance forms. We know about accounting forms. We know about administrative forms. We know about all the forms.

There are dozens of forms that can help you meet the many requirements surrounding research. While we couldn’t make the forms go away, we were able to make them easier for you to use.

Today, Research Services is proud to launch a revision of our forms. We’ve joined the twenty-first century and turned them all into fillable PDFs.

Find the form you need on our forms website. Download it to your computer. Save it to your hard drive. Work on it as you gather the required information. In some cases, the form even does the math for you. When it’s complete, follow the submission process. It really is that easy.

A few forms still require a printed copy with signatures. If this is the case, there are simple instructions at the top of the form on how to do this.

The new fillable Research Services forms will decrease the amount of paper used to support researchers on campus. It will also streamline the process for accessing the support of Research Services.

If you need help with our new forms, please read this page of instructions that we’ve prepared, or contact Donna Lawless at 628-4308.



Donna Lawless
Administrative Assistant, Research Services