"We can help them help more people"

 A paper co-written by UPEI Business student Haley Beer and Assistant Professor Edward Gamble was selected as best in its category at the 2012 annual United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USABE) conference.

The paper, “Increasing the Impact of Social Enterprise: In Search of a Performance Management Regime,” was awarded the Rowan University and Emerald Group Publishing Best Paper in Social Entrepreneurship.

“I’m a Business student, but I also have a strong interest in the social sector,” says Haley Beer, a BBA graduate who has returned to pursue her honours thesis. “I’d like to take some of the practices I’ve learned studying business and apply them to not-for-profit enterprises. That’s what we’ve done in this paper.”

Beer says not-for-profits often face strategical and operational difficulties, such as attaining sustainable finances. She’s in the midst of creating a performance management tool which captures goals, leads to good finances, and helps guide successful mission achievement within social enterprises.

“We call it the Social Impact Scorecard,” says Beer. “It tries to bridge the gap as far as performance management is concerned, between current business knowledge and not-for-profit social enterprises. I ultimately want to help people. By creating these tools for organizations in the social sector, we can help them to help more people.”

Beer’s and Gamble’s paper underwent a rigorous review process. Only 40% of submitted papers were chosen for presentation at the conference. During that vetting process, peer reviewers and Emerald Group Publishing representatives nominated and selected their paper as best in its category for the 2012 conference.