Residence Life

Welcome to Residence at UPEI! Residence at UPEI is a community and a home for students. With frequent fun and educational programming and support from the Residence Office and our student staff in each building, residence is a great place to call home while you attend UPEI.

Please read through this website thoroughly to ensure you understand your rights and obligations as a student in residence. We are happy and excited you have decided to call residence home, we are going to have a fantastic year!

Residence Office:  902-566-0330

Residence Life Coordinator:  902-628-4368

Residence Housing Coordinator: 902-566-0330


The Residence Team

Residence Life Advisors (RLAs)

Several upper-year students live in each building and are employed as Residence Life Advisors. The RLAs have a wide range of responsibilities, both on their residence floor/section and throughout all residences. The RLAs exist primarily to help students adjust to residence and university life, and to establish an environment conducive to self-direction, self-discipline, and self-improvement of the residents. They are trained in peer counselling, conflict mediation, First Aid/CPR, and much more. RLAs are knowledgeable about on-campus facilities and services, and can direct students to available resources as required. Each RLA is also responsible for planning and implementing various residence programs aimed at enhancing the overall residence experience. RLAs act as a liaison between the residents and the Residence Administrators. 

Senior Residence Life Advisors (SRLAs)

Senior Residence life Advisors are returning RLAs that assist the RLAs in supporting and building the residence community. They work closely with the Residence Life Coordinator to support all aspects of residence life. In addition to at least one yer experience as an RLA, SRLAs are trained in advanced conflict mediation, team support and much more.


UPEI Residence Administrators

Residence Life Coordinator (RLC)

The Residence Life Coordinator is in charge of developing a positive living environment for residence students, promoting both academic and personal development. Responsibilities include student staff supervision, crisis intervention, policy/procedure administration, programming facilitation and direction to SRLAs and RLAs, and student discipline.

Residence Housing Coordinator (RHC)

The Residence Housing Coordinator oversees all housing aspects of residence life. Responsibilities include housing admissions processing, room assignments, and room allocations.  The Residence Housing Coordinator also works closely with the RLC and assists in student staff supervision, crisis intervention, and policy/procedure administration.

Director of Ancillary Services

The Director of Ancillary Services has overall responsibility for all facets of the residence system, including residence budgets and fees, administrative policies and procedures, personnel matters, food service liaison, student discipline, residence life direction and other campus responsibilities as required.