About AqVCC

The University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) has a strong presence in virology research, teaching and service. Various groups at the Atlantic Veterinary College (AVC) and UPEI are engaged in wide ranging research on viruses affecting animals and humans.

The strategic vision for the UPEI Aquatic Virology Collaborating Centre (AqVCC) is to consolidate work on aquatic viruses, and expand the research base within UPEI so as to receive recognition internally as well as externally. The AqVCC was formally recognized by the UPEI Board of Governors in July 2009.

Anyone interested in joining the Centre should send a request with copy of their CV to the Centre’s Director using e-mail aquaticvirol@upei.ca. Associate and Affiliate Members are identified through collaborative research efforts. Graduate Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows (PDFs) are automatically accepted upon enrollment in a training program. All membership applications are vetted by the Centre’s Scientific Advisory Board.

The AqVCC is a collaborative multi-disciplinary group of researchers concerned about eukaryotic viruses of aquatic origin (such as fish, birds and insects). The term “aquatic” used in its broadest sense, includes fresh and marine water, whereby virology includes both viruses of aquatic invertebrate and vertebrate animals and zoonotic viruses (i.e., those transmitted from animals to humans) involving waterborne vectors.

AqVCC activities encompass both basic and applied research building on current strengths at UPEI and affiliated organizations, and are predicted to be of strategic importance in delivering effective tools (diagnostics, vaccines and antivirals) for the improvement of animal and human health in the next 5-10 years.