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Dr. Josh MacFadyen

Josh is Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Geospatial Humanities at the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada. His research focuses on energy transitions and traditional energy carriers in Canada, and he teaches digital humanities in the Applied Communication, Leadership, and Culture program in UPEI’s Faculty of Arts. His most recent monograph is titled Flax Americana: A History of the Fibre and Oil that Covered a Continent. He also published an edited collection in the same series titled Time and a Place: An Environmental History of Prince Edward Island (McGill-Queens, 2016). Josh is the founding director of the GeoREACH Lab, and he has held postdoctoral positions at the Historical GIS Lab at the University of Saskatchewan and at NiCHE: Network in Canadian History & Environment at the University of Western Ontario. Most recently he was also an Assistant Professor and remains a Sustainability Scholar at Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability.

Research Assistants

Bailey Clark

Bailey is a history major. He loves history, politics, and geography, and how they all interact and intermix. He is interested in learning more about the history of the Atlantic Canadian region, and how that history has been reflected in maps and how that history has been shaped by political decisions. 

He has been working in the GeoREACH lab since October 2019.

Abigail Craswell

Abigail (Abby) Craswell is a Psychology and Anthropology student at UPEI. She has a personal interest in agricultural history due to her family’s farming roots on Prince Edward Island. She has been a research assistant in the GeoREACH Lab since October 2018, working on the Average Beasts project, the Back 50 project, and the lab social media.

Nolan Kressin

Nolan is a student in the Applied Climate Change and Adaptation program at UPEI. He has been working in the GeoREACH Lab since February 2019. His research interests currently include sustainable energy and the application of Geographic Information Systems to modern and historical climate data. He also loves cooking.

Amirah Oyesegun

Amirah is a Foods and Nutrition major at UPEI. She has a specific interest in the role dietitians play in sustainable food systems. She has been working with the GeoREACH Lab since July 2019.

GeoREACH Alumni

Choyce Chappell

Choyce Chappell is a recent UPEI graduate with a degree in Environmental Studies, a minor in Computer science, and a minor in Diversity and Social Justice Studies. She first began volunteering with the lab when doing a directed studies with Dr. MacFadyen in January 2019. She is hoping to go to NSCC for an advanced diploma in GIS.

Juliana Granzoti

Juliana is a recent graduate of UPEI’s Environmental Studies program, and worked in the GeoREACH lab during the Spring 2019 semester. She worked on aerial photo analysis with the Time Flies project.

Catherine Kennedy

Catherine worked in the GeoREACH Lab in the Spring 2019 semester on aerial photo analysis for the Time Flies project.

Miyah Mistal

Miyah worked in the GeoREACH Lab during the 2018-2019 academic year. She worked on Heritage Farms research and the Average Beasts and where to Find Them project. She is a Sociology major.

Alexandra Neumann

Alexandra worked in the GeoREACH Lab during the Fall 2019 semester as a visiting exchange student from Arizona State University. She is currently studying Sustainability and Conservation Biology. Her interest in agricultural history began with her research with Dr. MacFadyen on the energy history of PEI’s agriculture, and she continued this research while studying at UPEI. In the future, she would like to work in consulting and education for ecologically sustainable agriculture.

Nick Scott

Nick worked as a student research assistant at the GeoREACH Lab from October 2018 to August 2019 and subsequently worked on a contract with the lab in Winter 2020. A history graduate from UPEI, Nick’s work in the lab involved archival research, literature review, and writing. Most of his work focused on the Comprehensive Development Plan, and on the history of regional and rural development on PEI during the twentieth century. He is particularly interested in the role of expertise and technocracy in public administration and public policy.