Welcome to the Precision Agriculture Research Program at the Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering, UPEI. The main goal of this research program is to improve the competitiveness and profitability of the agricultural industry and enhancing the sustainability of rural life in Eastern Canada. We are working collaboratively with different stakeholders (Growers, Industry, Associations, Machinery Manufacturers, and Provincial and Federal Governments) to develop smartly engineered technologies for the wise use of agricultural resources.

The key research areas include site-specific nutrient management, map/sensor based variable rate technologies, sensing and control systems to map weed and disease infestations, spatial and temporal modeling of soil and crop, and yield monitoring and optimization of harvesting efficiency. Furthermore, we are evaluating the environmental and economic benefits of precision agriculture technologies over traditional farming. We have developed collaborations with Academia, Industry, and Governments to develop best management practices to develop engineeringly sound and environmentally efficient best management practices for the agricultural industry in Atlantic Canada.