Molecular Parasitology:

1) Trichomoniasis in wild & domestic birds in Atlantic Canada

  • Collaboration with Drs. Scott McBurney (CWHC-Atlantic), Laura Bourque (CWHC-Atlantic/Path Micro),  Megan Jones (CWHC Atlantic/Path Micro).

2) Transmission, Diagnosis and Treatment of Canine & Feline lungworms

  • Collaboration with Dr. Gary Conboy (Pathology & Microbiology), Haifaa Mahjoub (PhD candidate, Pathology & Microbiology) & Will Robbins (PhD candidate, Biomedical Sciences).

3) Transmission & Zoonotic potential of Cryptosporidium & Giardia

  • Collaboration with J McClure, Jeff Davidson & Javier Sanchez (Health Management), Carol McClure (Dept. Of Health PEI), Ebo Budu-Amoako (BioFoodTech) & Karen Shapiro (University of California Davis).

Crustacean Research:

1) Host-Pathogen-Environment Interactions

  • Exploring the genetic variation that exists within crustacean pathogens (Anophryoides haemophila, Neoparamoeba pemaquidensis, Aerococcus viridans var. homari, Hematodinium spp. and White Spot Syndrome Virus) to gain insight into the temporal, spatial and geographic relationships they have with their economically important crustacean hosts.

2) Lobster Genomics -Transcriptomics

  • Genomics: Collaboration with Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute, Dovetail Genomics and Tufts University towards whole genome sequencing of the American lobster, Homarus americanus.
  • Transcriptomics: Gene expression changes in lobsters using our Homars americanus oligonucleotide-microarray and RNASeq to explore aspects of the lobster’s biology that may be used as indicators of quality and health.
    • i) Immune response to pathogens
      Aerococcus viridans, Anophryoides haemophila  & White Spot Syndrome Virus
      ii) Reproductive cycles in female lobsters
      iii) Development & Moult cycle in larval lobsters
      iv) Toxicological impact of agricultural pesticides on larval lobster metamorphosis.
      v) Lobster moult recovery
      vi) Lobster stress in holding & shipping