Safety glasses & steel-toed shoes are required for all UPEI FDSE labs, and you NOT be allowed in the labs without them. 

  • Be sure shoes have the CSA (Canadian Safety Association) badge (check out this link)
    • Available from Walmart, Marks Warehouse
  • Safety glasses for first-year students: The chemistry society will be selling safety glasses in both the regular style and over-prescription-glasses style. It is recommended to purchase safety glasses during designated chemistry lab time the week of September 21st, 1-3pm and 5:30-7:30pm. 
  • Safety glasses for other-year students: Students not in first year may also purchase safety glasses from the chemistry society, but may also purchase from the UPEI Bookstore.
  • Also, to get access to the labs, complete the safety course. This should be listed as a Moodle course on the left of your screen.