Awards and Success Stories


The Theatre Studies Program has two awards for its students.

The Hartford Millar Memorial Award for Theatre Arts was presented annually (2006-2017), in The Fall, to a student who was actively involved in Theatre at UPEI, in either the curricular or extra-curricular stream.  The award was given to the student who made, and continued to make, a substantial contribution through their ongoing involvement in and promotion of Theatre at UPEI.

Ashley Clark (2006), Katelyn Dykstra (2007), Brian Ansems (2008), Nick Luecke (2009), Andrea Avery (2010), Devin MacKinnon (2011), Justin Shaw (2012), Rory Starkman (2013), Robert Bartley-Crossley (2014), Kassinda Bulger (2015), Aditya Vella (2016)

The Ron Irving Award for Excellence in Theatre is given to a graduating student with the highest mark in the Theatre Practicum (Theatre 444), who is also graduating with a Minor in Theatre.  This award is presented at the annual Senior Class Luncheon in May of each year, and the award recipient will appear in the convocation program.

Devin MacKinnon (2012), Ashley MacLeod (2013), Justin Shaw (2014), Ryan McCarvill (2015), Not Awarded in 2016, Kassinda Bulger (2017), Aditya Vella (2018).

Success Stories

Way back in 2004, when Dr. Greg Doran was hired to be the Coordinator of Theatre Studies at UPEI, one of his stated goals was to prepare students for continued study in the Theatre, by providing a foundational Theatre education.  Well, it took some time, but that goal has been met.  We are now seeing some of the Program’s graduates going on to further study.

  1. Devin MacKinnon: accepted into The National Theatre School (2012), currently at the Stratford Festival of Canada.
  2. Ashley MacLeod: accepted into The Ottawa Theatre School (2013).
  3. Brittany Banks: accepted into The Randolf Academy for the Performing Arts (2014), currently directing Anne and Gilbert and performing with the Charlottetown Festival.
  4. Justin Shaw: accepted into The National Theatre School (2014), currently serving as the Artistic Director for Theatre Just Because.
  5. Tracy MacDonald: accepted into The Vancouver Film School (2016).
  6. Ben Hartley: accepted into The Theatre Program in The School of Media and Performing Arts at George Brown College (2016).
  7. Kassinda Bulger: accepted in The Theatre Program in The School of Media and Performing Arts at George Brown College (2017).