Problem Statement

Every year over a billion tires are discarded worldwide. These tires have only 4 outcomes. They are left in landfills, incinerated, shredded or pyrolysis reverts them to their original compounds. The problem with these methods of disposal include major energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Exo-Cubic Solutions developed new tire scrubbing technology that is low energy, low emissions and produces the most pure rubber byproduct of any other technology in the industry. This uses ultra high-pressure water to scrub the rubber from the tires steel lattice. While this is a huge step in the right direction there is still a market left out of the equation, the industrial business. All over the world mining quarries and oil fields discard haul truck tires and loader tires that can weigh over five tons. These tires are made up of enough rubber to manufacture 600 passenger vehicle tires. Exo-Cubic has tasked the FSDE team with designing a mobile tire recycling unit to take their technology on the road. This would be capable of mounting the industrial tires during the scrubbing process, handling the equipment and tires, storing the raw material and of course transporting the system to the tires.