May 24th, 1963

“And the morning blessed every graduate of class, from the exceedingly gifted top Co-Ed down to the last of the young first years with happiness agleam in their eyes. It set old Sol to beam his brightest on their account and brought to them a warm wind of the fields. In it was the essence of spring : scent of wave and woodland of hill and dale, of meadow and dell.

‘At Alderlea, here in the valley of the millstream, it seemed as though the birds put extra grace of heart into their matins, and returned thanks on behalf of this child of the farm, to whom the happiness of a day of moment. A milestone  reached on her road of life, had at length come. 

‘What an air of excitement there was in those halls of learning this morning! What smiles were reflected, what happiness in young and older: And so light the steps that answering a roll call went up to receive the year’s honours including that coveted piece of parchment, duly signed and sealed,and tied with a ribbon of white.”