Welcome to the Coastal Ecology Lab. Our research focuses on coastal habitats and their  alteration by several sources of disturbance. We combine exploratory and experimental work, typically in the lab and the field, to test hypotheses with connotations to theory and management. We are located in the third floor of the Duffy Science Centre (DSC-304) and in part of the wet lab of the Aquatic Lab in the same building. However, most of our work takes place along Prince Edward Island shorelines. Our research relies on collaboration with colleagues at the Atlantic Veterinary College, the Province, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and several universities in the region and elsewhere. Please contact me/us if you have questions or want to share comments or experiences in coastal habitats.

Pedro A. Quijón c/o Lab members,

Department of Biology

University of Prince Edward Island

550 University Avenue, Charlottetown,

PE C1A 4P3, Canada



Photo credits

© PA Quijón: Line of cormorants and seagulls at the entrance of New London Bay, North shore of Prince Edward Island