UPEI courses

Please contact me in advance (pquijon@upei.ca) in case you are interested on any of the elective courses listed below. Directed studies are also available depending on student’s interests and ongoing research projects.

  • ESC-8650: Advances in marine ecology: Graduate level course; MSc- and PhD-Environmental Sciences programs. Offered by demand.Mitch-Field-Ecol
  • BIO-2040: Zoology (fall): An overview of the known diversity of animals and their relationships. Second year core course for Biology and elective for the Wildlife Conservation program.
  • BIO-3910: Marine Biology (fall): An Bio391-2008overview of the multiple disciplines within marine biology. Third year elective course serving Biology, ES and Wildlife Conservation programs.
  • BIO-4650: Marine community ecology (alternated, every other winter): A senior-level review of theoretical and practical advances in the discipline. Elective course for biology and ES programs.
  • BIO-3270: Field coastal ecology (alternated, every other summer): A two week intensive field course focused on habitats and diversity of Prince Edward Island. Elective for biology, ES and Wildlife programs.

Photo credits (P. Quijon):

  • Top: Line of cage inclusions in Sturgeon river, south-eastern PEI.
  • Middle: Mitchell trying to impress with his skills during a field class.
  • Bottom: A Field coastal ecology class, early morning in Stratford, PEI.