Faculty of Arts Dean’s Honours List 2020-2021

Congratulations to the following on making the Dean’s List for the 2020-2021 school year! Keep up the great work!

Jessica Legge BA, Major in ACLC 

Isabelle McNeill BA, Major in ACLC 

Abbey McRoberts BA, Major in ACLC 

Akila Thomas BA, Major in ACLC 

Cecily Erzuah BA, Major in DSJS 

Keziah Stoltz BA, Major in DSJS 

Chloe Arlapen BA, Major in Psychology 

Amanda Baker BA, Major in Psychology 

Georgia Baker BA, Major in Psychology 

Kirsten Birch BA, Major in Psychology 

Jenna Bishara BA, Major in Psychology 

Ryan Bowley BA, Major in Psychology 

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Connexions Seminar Series

The Connexions Seminar Series at UPEI aims to foster a deeper understanding of the many roles that the liberal arts play in making sense of our increasingly complex world, and how we can learn from the distinct ways of knowing within our various disciplines. With the fall semester underway, The ConneXions Seminar Series is now soliciting submissions from members of the Faculty of Arts for presentations and collaborative projects. We are also planning to host panel discussions and symposia that will tackle current, complex questions from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. What big questions or contemporary issues would you like us to explore together in Arts in a multidisciplinary way? Let us know! 

Please send your presentation proposals and your ideas for panel discussions/symposia to Andrew Zinck (azinck@upei.ca).