Faculty News

Dr. Scott Lee (Modern Languages) has recently published two articles on the work of the contemporary French novelist Yves Ravey. The first, entitled “Obsession et rachat: Enlèvement avec rançon d’Yves Ravey” (in Studi francesi 193 [January-April 2021]: 58-74), was presented in preliminary form at a session of the Fiona Papps Research Series, Dept. of Psychology, UPEI. The second article, “Bourdonnements de l’Autre. Trois jours chez ma tante d’Yves Ravey,” appeared in Les Lettres romanes75, no. 3-4, 2021: 347-368.

Dr. John McIntyre (English) is having a book launch for his new edited volume, Modernism and the Anthropocene: Material Ecologies of Twentieth-Century Literature, published in the fall of 2021 with Rowman & Littlefield Press. He invites colleagues to come out to Upstreet on April 21st at 7pm for a lively conversation about literature and climate. Food and beverages will be available for purchase. 

As part of a special issue on energy in the Atlantic region, the latest issue of Atlantic Business Magazine has published a profile of Dr. Joshua MacFadyen’s (ACLC) research in the ALCL GeoREACH Lab. Quoting the article, titled “P.E.I. Agro-energy—Back to the future of sustainability”,

“To be accurate, this is about his new research which seems to show, in surprising and convincing ways, that old-time farmers were actually more energy efficient, environmentally sustainable, and commercially viable than many of their contemporary, high-tech counterparts.”

You can subscribe to read the full article using this link, https://atlanticbusinessmagazine.ca/article/p-e-i-agro-energy-back-to-the-future-of-sustainability/. In the mean time, please enjoy this scan of the impressive title page introducing the article on Dr. MacFadyen’s work.

From Economics to Sociology & Anthropology

This Friday, April 1st, the Department of Economics will host a seminar from 3-4 pm located in Kelly Building, Room 210. Professor Didier Tatoutchoup from the Université de Moncton will present “Do we Recycle too much? Evidence from the U.S.”.

The Department of Sociology & Anthropology has brought back their newsletter that began last year. In the newsletter you can read about events of interest, announcements, and opportunities like awards, scholarships, professional development and training. It is a great resource for students to find out more about what’s going on in this department!

Faculty Feature – Raquel Hoersting

Raquel Carvalho Hoersting is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology department here at UPEI with a unique teaching style involving creativity and spontaneity. She has a glowing education background highlighted by an undergraduate degree from the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador), a Master’s and Ph.D. degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of North Texas (USA), and a postdoctoral fellowship in Social Psychology, Work and Organizations at the University of Brasilia (Brazil).

WIthin her research in clinical and intercultural psychology, Dr. Hoersting examines social identity, belonging, culturally congruent psychological interventions, expressive therapies, trauma, and mental health. Additionally, her background in clinical and social psychology has allowed her to research aspects of cultures’ effects on mental health like the identity shifts related to migration and other intercultural processes. More recently, she has begun to integrate expressive arts into her psychotherapy research, with emphasis on using it as a tool to connect with clients of different cultural backgrounds.

Dr. Hoersting has had numerous exciting things happen within her career recently. Something she is finding very rewarding in her role as an educator is the clinical training she has been part of in the new Doctor of Clinical Psychology program we have at UPEI. Additionally, last month, she was awarded a UPEI internal grant to study narratives and metaphors of transitions of Latin Americans living in PEI. In January, her team was joined by Alejandro Ramirez Torres as he was awarded the Emerging Leaders of Americas Program (ELAP). This award gives post-secondary individuals in Latin America and the Caribbean the opportunity to study or do research in post-secondary institutions here in Canada. He will be working alongside Dr. Hoersting on a few ongoing projects with plans to stay until July 2022. However, the excitement doesn’t stop there as she has had many invitations to conferences, workshops, and peer reviews to consider. Notably, she was invited by the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP) to deliver a pre-conference workshop at the Culture and Psychology Summer School in July 2021, focusing on values and identity, in which she presented virtually. A doctoral student of hers, Joy Nnadi, presented at this same conference as well. Dr. Hoersting also has upcoming presentations this year; as an Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy trainer, she will present at two EMDR conferences based on her developments within EMDR protocol and storytelling, trauma narratives, and metaphors.

After having accomplished so much in her career already, Dr. Hoersting’s plans for the future are to continue solidifying important relationships in the community for UPEI’s PsyD research and training, as well as supervising doctoral dissertations and honors theses. Regarding research, she will remain within her focus on clinical and intercultural psychology, and continue to learn more about the healing processes involving creativity and the contexts in which these processes can occur.

To end, we’ve asked Dr. Hoersting to send a message or piece of advice to both students and staff. She has shared two axioms that have helped her through difficult times: 

“Progress, not perfection” & “Live and let live”

Thank you Dr. Raquel Hoersting for all that you do and we are all excited and thrilled to see what you accomplish next!

Dr. Jean Mitchell as the next UNESCO Chair in Island Studies and Sustainability and a Call for Submissions for the SSHRC Exchange Publication Awards

Dr. Jean Mitchell (Sociology and Anthropology) has recently been appointed as the next UNESCO Chair in Island Studies and Sustainability here at UPEI. Dr. Mitchell is an associate professor of anthropology at UPEI with extensive research and project experience in Indonesia, India, and the South Pacific nations of Kiribati, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu.

In the role as UNESCO Chair in Island Studies and Sustainability, Dr. Mitchell will take a broad perspective on small islands’ sustainability across the intersecting socio-economic, cultural, aesthetic, and environmental domains. Among other things, she will serve as an effective conduit for transferring innovative ideas; develop connections and collaborations; and contribute to research on small islands and the training of the next generation of island studies scholars and practitioners. 

Stay tuned to learn more about Dr. Mitchell in an upcoming faculty feature here on the blog!

SSHRC Exchange Publication Awards – Spring 2022 Call for Applications.

The Vice-President Academic and Research will make available up to two awards to support the publication of manuscripts, written or ed- ited by UPEI faculty, by Island Studies Press (ISP). These awards are being funded by a SSHRC Institutional Grant; therefore, the subject matter of the publication must be compatible with SSHRC’s mandate (see https://science.gc.ca/eic/site/063.nsf/eng/h_FEE7261A.html for more information).

The awards of $5,000 each will be disbursed to ISP to cover pub- lication costs (including editing, photo and other permissions, de- sign, printing, marketing, and other costs associated with publishing a book). Authors will be offered ISP’s standard publication contract, which ensures authorial copyright and includes a royalty structure. Authors will also see their manuscripts reviewed through a peer- review process where appropriate.

ELIGIBILITY: Manuscripts that are written and/or edited by UPEI faculty, including contract and sessional faculty, are eligible. The manuscripts may be single- or multi-authored results of academic research projects; textbooks; edited proceedings of a conference; or works of fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, or drama that pertain to the author’s or authors’ discipline. The subject matter of the man- uscript must meet SSHRC’s mandate.



https://files.upei.ca/research/sshrc_exchange_publication_awards_ terms_of_reference.pdf

Faculty Announcements

Dr. Edward Chung (Asian Studies and Religious Studies) has had two eventful years with several publications and presentations. In December 2019, he guest-edited and published Acta Koreana 22 (2), a peer-reviewed international journal issue with its special theme on “Good and Evil in Korean Philosophy, Religion, and Spirituality.” This special issue includes four scholarly articles by 4 eminent and established scholars (including Robert Buswell of UCLA and Don Baker of UBC) in addition to his own article, “Yi T’oegye on Transcending the Problem of Evil: A Neo-Confucian and Inter-religious Perspective.” Since October 2020, Dr. Chung published two major monographs titled, The Great Synthesis of Wang Yangming Neo-Confucianism in Korea: The Chonŏn (Testament) by Chŏng Chedu (Hagok) (Rowman & Littlefield Publishing, 390 pages) and The Moral and Religious Thought of Yi Hwang (Toegye): A Study of Neo-Confucian Ethics and Spirituality (Palgrave Macmillan, 230 pages), along with a chapter “Neo-Confucian Philosophy in Korea” in The Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Religion (Wiley-Blackwell, 2021). He also presented five scholarly papers on Neo-Confucianism and comparative philosophy/religion at the 2020 and 2021 Annual Meetings of American Philosophical Association (Philadelphia and virtual), 2021 Annual Meeting of American Academy of Religion (St. Antonio, Texas or virtual), and then 2021 Annual Conference of International Society of Korean Philosophy (virtual). Furthermore, we look forward to Dr. Chung’s forthcoming (March/April 2022) edited book, Emotions in Asian Philosophy and Religion: Korean Confucian, Comparative, and Contemporary Perspectives, Palgrave Studies in Comparative East-West Philosophy series, no. 5 (Palgrave Macmillan; about 400 pages).

Dr. Carlo Lavoie’s (Modern Languages and Acadian Studies) book Liberté, imaginaire et espace de contrainte: Questions de contexte en littérature (Freedom, Imaginary and Space of Constraint: Questions of Context in Literature) is now available. Published by Les Éditions du Cygne in Paris, this collection comprises eleven essays from leading scholars who propose a reflection on the notion of freedom through the experience of writing. Dr. Lavoie signs the introduction and a chapter on the freedom of the Acadian language in Acadian Georgette Leblanc’s poetry. Dr. Sanda Badescu (Modern Languages) also signs a chapter on the freedom of anachronism in the opera Der Rosenkavalier.

Dr. Laurie Brinklow (Island Studies) released a poetry book earlier in 2021 titled My island’s the house I sleep in at night. Paul Gallant of Atlantic Books chose Brinklow’s book as his favorite read from their “#GiftAtlantic Collection”, in which he praises her poetry collection by saying, “Brinklow finds what’s unique in every exchange, whether it’s in Newfoundland or Tasmania, and in every moment. And then, through her rich imagination, she makes it her own. And ours.” This book was also recently published in Tasmania by Walleah Press.