Research Projects

The following CERC Seed Grant projects have now been reviewed and approved for funding.  Click on any of the links for a summary of the project.

 2017 Research Projects

Designing a Distributed Agent Based Modelling Framework for Simulating Pathogen Transmission on and among Salmon Farms

Estimation of sea lice infestation pressure from wild to farmed salmon populations in Klemtu, British Columbia, Canada

Modeling the spread of sea lice between and within salmon farms

Finding needles in the haystack: development and application of next generation sequencing for detection of protozoan pathogens in shellfish

2016 Research Projects

Multiscale spatial analysis of hydrodynamic conditions to improve models of disease transmission in finfish aquaculture

Integrating remotely-sensed environmental data to investigate their role on spatio-temporal distribution of sea lice in BC

Estimating and comparing the risk of Infectious Salmon Anaemia virus spread between Atlantic salmon farms in southwestern New Brunswick using seaway and hydrodynamic information

Using Various Modelling Approaches to Investigate Treatment Strategies for Managing Sea Lice Numbers and Evolution of Resistance

2015 Research Projects

Tipping the scales:  Are marine opportunists pathogens an increasing threat in a changing climate?

Model support for treatment strategies in managing sea louse parasites and evolution of resistance on Atlantic salmon farms

Assessing oral antibiotic treatment in large populations of fish

Halibut farming – improving growth rate/managing growth variation in land-based halibut farming

BKD Assays – Evaluation of diagnostic accuracy

2014 Research Projects

The impact of ocean acidification on the growth and survival of the larvae of the Pacific oyster

The impact of the non-native green crab (Carcinus maenus) on the susceptibility of eelgrass to wasting disease

Description and quantification of mortality in finfish marine aquaculture in Northern Vietnam

The epidemiology of winter ulcer disease in farmed Atlantic salmon in Canada

Predicting transmission of sea lice between aquaculture sites in the East Coast of Canada

Describing lobster moulting patterns in the East Coast of Canada

Soft-shelled European green crab: an alternative use for an invasive species

Resilience of coastal ecosystems to green crab introduction and removal

Use of eelgrass as a mitigation strategy for effects of ocean acidification on oyster farms

Determination of Cryptosporidium spp. oocyst levels in the Hillsborough River, PEI

Description and quantification of mortality in red tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) cultured in close proximity to Pangasius (Pangasius hypophthalmus) aquaculture systems in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam