Advisory Board

The Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) will provide essential guidance to the Aquatic Epidemiology research program by helping to formulate and monitor the implementation of the Strategic Plan that will guide the program throughout and beyond the seven-year CERC term. As part of their mandate, the SAB will:

  1. Identify, articulate and prioritize the issues, topics and challenges affecting the advancement of the CERC;
  2. Share experiences, expertise and contacts related to the content area;
  3. Identify other subject-matter experts and knowledge leaders who can support the CERC program in a variety of ways and work to expand the organization’s reach;
  4. Identify and propose topical areas suitable for research and outreach;
  5. Participate in meetings, conference calls, emails and other activities to the fullest extent possible;
  6. Represent the interests of the board and be advocates for the CERC program.