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Terminology Help

  • Synchronous online = online together at the same time
  • Asynchronous online = watch online  (often by a certain date)
  • In person = be on campus in the FSDE building

On your timetable, the class location is listed as:

  • Web – this indicates the course will be online only and no room will be assigned to the course. Go to the moodle site for the link to the video or synchronous meeting link on zoom, blackboard collaborate, or another program.
  • Hybrid – a combination of online and required in-person activities and a room will be assigned to this in the FSDE building. Not every class will be in person, so you’ll need to check the moodle page to see when you should be on campus and when you should be online for these class times.
  • Hybrid Lab – a combination of online and required in-person lab activities and a room will be assigned to this in the FSDE building. You may not have a lab each week, but check moodle to see the schedule and location of the lab, as you may be expected to be online.
  • Hybrid Design Studio – design classes meet nearly every class, using a combination of online and required in-person activities A room will be assigned to this in the FSDE building. This is not a lab, even though there is an L next to the number: 1210L, as design classes have a combination of hands on activities in both parts of the class: the web and the hybrid design studio.

Types of courses:

  • Engineering Science courses (such as 1410 Sustainability and 2310 Strength of Materials), like the science courses, often have a separate ‘lecture’ and ‘lab’ in the timetable. You will likely have every lecture, but the lab time may be divided up into smaller groups, so you might not go every week. However this year in this hybrid setting, there may be mixing between lab and lecture periods, so we are calling them ‘web’ and ‘hybrid’, where much of the structured learning (lecture) can be done online (web) and much of the hands-on-experience (lab) will be done in person (hybrid), but not exclusively, there may be mixing. So check moodle! Your instructor should communicate with you clearly on moodle about their expectations.
  • Design courses (such as 1210 Communications and 2210 Projects), are listed on the timetable in 2 separate times: 1210 and 1210L, but there is no difference between those classes and they generally meet in the same room, with a mixture of hands-on and lecture in every class. This year, one of the classes will generally be online (web) and one will be in person (hybrid), but you are expected to attend all design classes, whether online or on campus. (Some courses do not have a ‘lab’ the first week, but this doesn’t apply to design). Check moodle as there may be exceptions to where you meet.

On the timetable in the course description:

  • Requisite – if it must be taken after or at the same time as other classes:
    • Prerequisite – classes that must be taken before you take this class (like calculus 1 must be taken before calculus 2).
    • Co-requisite – if there are other courses that must be taken at the same time, like the lab for the course