Dr. Wang’s Research is Featured in Scientia

The leading science communication publication, Scientia, has recently published an outreach article entitled “Adapting to Climate Change Using Regional Models” to report Dr. Xander Wang’s world-leading research in climate change modeling and adaptation.

This article can be accessed via:

HTML: https://www.scientia.global/dr-xander-wang-adapting-to-climate-change-using-regional-models/

PDF: https://www.scientia.global/wp-content/uploads/Xander_Wang/Xander_Wang.pdf

DOI: https://doi.org/10.33548/SCIENTIA774

Twitter: https://twitter.com/scientia_social/status/1481593402248605699

The Scientia will publish a full edition featuring this outreach article at a later date, followed by an audiobook. More details will be posted once the full edition is published.