Paper Published in Environmental Research: Climate

Title: Reporting evidence on the environmental and health impacts of climate change on Indigenous Peoples of Atlantic Canada: a systematic review

Journal: Environmental Research: Climate


Abstract: While evidence of Indigenous Peoples’ climate knowledge and adaptation practices is readily available in Canada, regional variations are poorly understood, and proper representation and recognition in academic and planning contexts is scarce. Much less still is known about the health and environmental impacts of climate change on these communities. This review sought to report and assess the evidence of such impacts on Indigenous Peoples in Atlantic Canada over the past two decades. Current published studies focused on Indigenous Peoples’ knowledge and perceptions and highlight government policy for adaptation measurements. We systematically searched publications between January 2002 and March 2022 from the Web of Science, PubMed, Google Scholar, and Science Direct databases, screening for (1) environmental and (2) health impacts of climate change on Indigenous Peoples. Fifty-six articles were selected and thoroughly reviewed using the GRADE approach to assess the quality of the evidence. The quality of evidence ranged from low to moderate, and the evidentiary foundation for links between climate change and health effects was weak. We thus find an opportunity for future research to focus on climate-related effects on the health and lands of Indigenous Peoples within Atlantic Canada, especially concerning impacts on mental health.