Timing of 2024 Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse will start just before 3:30 pm and end around 5:45 pm on Monday, April 8, 2024. The timing will vary slightly across the Island, as will the duration of the total eclipse where applicable. The table below lists the times for several communities across PEI.

LocationEclipse typeStart timeMaximum timeTotatlity durationEnd timeLikely cloudy (since 2000)
North Capetotal3:27:15 pm4:35:43 pm3 min, 15 s5:43:08 pm63%
Tignishtotal3:27:11 pm4:37:20 pm3 min, 12 s5:43:10 pm65%
Albertontotal3:27:07 pm4:37:20 pm3 min, 3 s5:43:12 pm66%
O’Learytotal3:26:53 pm4:37:11 pm2 min, 56 s5:43:09 pm64%
Wellingtontotal3:27:07 pm4:36:31 pm1 min, 51 s5:43:24 pm69%
Kensingtontotal3:27:32 pm4:37:46 pm1 min, 10 s5:43:36 pm65%
Summersidetotal3:27:21 pm4:37:39 pm1 min, 2 s5:43:32 pm70%
North Rusticototal3:27:56 pm4:37:52 pm24 s5:43:46 pm65%
Borden99.86% partial3:27:27 pm4:37:45 pmN/A5:43:38 pm68%
Charlottetown99.56% partial3:28:08 pm4:38:16 pmN/A5:43:58 pm74%
Montague99.12% partial3:28:42 pm4:38:43 pmN/A5:44:15 pm75%
St. Peters Bay99.76% partial3:28:49 pm4:38:44 pmN/A5:44:12 pm67%
Souris99.44% partial3:29:13 pm4:39:03 pmN/A5:48:24 pm71%
Murray RIver98.63%3:28:43 pm4:38:47 pmN/A5:44:19 pm76%
Details of the eclipse timing for several municipalities on Prince Edward Island. Data for this table was compiled from timeanddate.com

To get eclipse information for your specific location, use this website made by Xavier M. Jubier which overlays the eclipse path onto Google Maps. If you click on a location, or use the search bar to input an address, an information box with eclipse details will appear.

Screenshot of website that overlays the eclipse path onto Google Maps (created by Xavier M. Jubier). The image shows the information box that results after searching for UPEI’s street address.

You can also see a simulation of the eclipse for your location. Go to the 2024 Eclipse Simulator, type your location into the search bar, then click the link that reads “Launch the Eclipse Simulator for…” your location.

Screenshot of eclipse simulator search view, with search results for Charlottetown, PEI. You can search for any location that is listed within OpenStreetMap.

Within the simulation, there are controls for adjusting the time, the rate that time passes, the magnification of the view, and many other features.

A simulated view of the eclipse at totality as viewed from Summerside, PEI using the Eclipse Simulator.

If you’re not able to spend the entire 2-hour-plus duration of the eclipse watching it, then the most interesting part will be around the time when the eclipse is at its maximum; that is when the most of the moon’s disc is covered by the sun. This will be greater than 99% for everywhere on PEI.