Solar Eclipse in the PEI News

April 9, 2024: Video of the crowd at Mill River Resort during totality, paired with video of the eclipse itself, via CBC PEI.

April 8, 2024: Reporting by Saltwire on the eclipse viewing event at Mill River Resort, including interviews with attendees and videos of the eclipse.

April 8, 2024: CBC PEI recounts the stories of people who travelled to see the eclipse.

April 8, 2024: CBC PEI captured the moment that totality swept over Mill River Resort, and reactions from those who saw it (including Physics student Hannah Loeb).

April 8, 2024: CBC PEI coverage of the eclipse in general, including a video of totality, and a “From the Archives” video of Professor Earl Wonnacott showing people the 1994 partial solar eclipse.

April 8, 2024: Megan Glover speaks with CBC’s Sheehan Desjardins in advance of the eclipse about what she’s expecting and looking forward to.

April 5, 2024: Photographer Scott Campbell shares his warnings and advice for photographing a solar eclipse on CBC PEI.

April 5, 2024: Megan Glover spoke with Saltwire journalist Caitlin Coombes about observing the solar eclipse.

March 18, 2024: Dr. Maria Kilfoil, Associate Professor of Physics, spoke with Steve Bruce on CBC PEI Compass about the upcoming eclipse.

March 18, 2024: The Department of Education announced that it will be distributing eclipse glasses to all Island students and staff, CBC PEI reports.

March 18, 2024: STEAM PEI held an Eclipse Extravaganza event for families, Saltwire reports.

March 16, 2024: CBC Meteorologist Ryan Snoddon reviews historical weather data to discuss how likely it will be cloudy over the Maritimes on the day of the eclipse.

March 12, 2024: CBC News reports on the announcement that PEI schools will be dismissed early on the day of the eclipse.

February 26, 2024: Megan Glover, Laboratory Technician, spoke with Matt Rainnie on CBC Radio Mainstreet about the upcoming eclipse. You can listen to the interview, or read a text summary that was posted to the web on March 2.

September 5, 2022: Chris Vessey of the Sidewalk Astronomers of Charlottetown speaks to CBC News to preview the solar eclipse and urge people to buy eclipse glasses in advance.