Public Viewing Info

Jupiter as viewed through our telescope (undated photo, likely 1990s)
Jupiter as viewed through our telescope (undated photo, likely 1990s)

(Header picture taken from a photo by former physics student Andrew Clark with our Meade RCX400 telescope)

The Physics Department tries to hold a free public viewing approximately every month. The times for the viewings will vary from month to month depending on the daylight hours.


If it is raining, completely overcast, or the weather is predicted to be very poor, then the astronomy viewing will be cancelled. We try to update very early on the viewing day if possible. In that event, we will post a notice on our Astronomy page at and if possible through our Google Groups email news feed and our Twitter and Facebook pages.

For any last minute cancellation information, please check this website. The other electronic media will be updated if and when possible. If it clouds over later in the evening, the telescope operator can choose to close early and we may not be able to update the website. If you can’t see the stars or it’s raining/snowing, as it often is in Charlottetown, the viewing is likely cancelled.

Charlottetown is not a particularly good city for astronomy viewings as we often have overcast skies or precipitation. We apologize if we end up cancelling a few times in a row. If that happens, we sometimes put on an extra session.

Getting Viewing Updates

E-mail Group

To sign up for email notifications of our events, join our Google email group below through a Gmail or a Gmail-linked account. To simply view the online messages, click on the link below and bookmark it in your browser for later viewing of updates.

Twitter & Facebook

We also provide updates about public viewings (and other astronomy-related information) on our Twitter feed @UPEIAstronomy and our Facebook page