Being a Buddy Volunteer

Are you a returning UPEI student looking to volunteer?

Be a Buddy Volunteer today :

Buddy volunteers can be any returning domestic or International students.

There are four main roles as a volunteer:

  1. An information resource/Guide- UPEI and PEI/ Canada
  2. Fulfil your volunteer commitment
  3. Contribute to building a more cohesive culture of diversity at UPEI
  4. Sincere desire to build a friendship with an International Student

Suggested activities for Buddies

  • Show your new Buddy around campus, e.g.: tour of the Library, the UPEI buildings, Athletics facilities and walking trails
  • Study with your buddy
  • Attend Campus activities with your buddy
  • Go shopping with your buddy
  • Have a coffee breaks with your buddy
  • Introduce your buddy to some friends
  • You can literally do everything you normally do in your life with your buddy.

Can’t commit all this, read about our New Buddy Online Assistance.

If you decide to be a Buddy Volunteer you will be enrolled in an online training course on Moodle.

keep calm and be a buddy

If you are a returning UPEI student and would like to volunteer to be a Buddy, please fill out the form below.