Dr. Emilie Laurin


  • BSc (Biology), University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI)
  • DVM, Atlantic Veterinary College (AVC), UPEI
  • PhD (Johne’s Disease epidemiology and microbiology), AVC, UPEI

Current Research Work and Interests:

  • Epidemiology (aquatic and mammalian)
  • Clinical and diagnostic epidemiology
  • Statistics and mathematical modelling
  • OIE/STARD reporting and standards
  • Surveillance analysis
  • Johne’s Disease research

Specifically, Dr. Laurin is currently assisting with several ongoing research projects, including finfish, sea lice, and mollusc epidemiology and modelling; fish serology meta-analysis; environmental data platforms; bovine Johne’s Disease epidemiology; avian toxoplasmosis; risk analysis; OIE/STARD reporting guidelines; and evaluation of a swine influenza virus surveillance program.