Join us for the 2018 “Reigniting Curiosity & Inquiry in Higher Education: A Working Conference”

The purpose of curiosity and inquiry as a pedagogic tools is to help students to develop the necessary skills that will enable them to explore and find answers to their central
question while increasing students’ ownership of and investment in their own learning. It’s equally important that we understand curiosity and inquiry not only as pedagogical tools but as mindsets, attitudes, or a “desire to inquire” that can be developed and strengthened resulting in greater life-long and life-wide learning.

This three-day working conference to be held at the University of Prince Edward Island November 2-4th, 2018 will provide attendees with: a) a forum for discussion of the ways in which curiosity and inquiry are currently utilized in higher education, b) fresh approaches that can be utilized, c) resources for instructors and students designed to facilitate inquiry-based success, and d) a virtual forum for new research collaborations to be formed and ongoing collaborations to be supported.

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